Drink This Podcast Ep. 93 // The Goof in Me: The Rest of a Conversation About Wrestling

Have you been waiting for more wrestling talk? Whelp, you’re very ridiculous prayers have been answered!

You ask for weird things.

Anyway, you can listen to Brandon slur his way through more wrestling stuff, and attempt to introduce one of the hosts to the magical realm of Lucha Underground, where one of the wrestlers definitely gets eaten by a cage monster in the first season. Oh, and one of the wrestlers is a dragon, and another is a time traveller. And that’s probably some of the least bonkers stuff.

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I Have Some Notes // Ghostbusters: Answer The Call

Danica is on this edition of I Have Some Notes, in which she takes over hosting duties alongside Anita Bourgeois and Erin Beaver, to talk about the only good Ghostbusters movie ever made.

You can listen to the episode here!

Some other times misguided folks invited us onto their podcasts…

So You Think You Can Danica – Episode 9 // A Dog’s First Screenplay

Just when you thought we had forgotten about you, So You Think You Can Danica is back! Yes, it’s spooky movie season so of course your intrepid hosts Danica and Devin are back with an episode about one of the scariest movies they have ever seen: Step Up. (It’s terrifying how little dancing there is!)

Head over to the SYTYCDanica blog for more info, and to listen to the episode!

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Doctor Whooch // Episode 140 // People Are Terrible

In which SURPRISE! Racism isn’t cured.

On this week’s episode, Danica and Brandon are two white people talking about the Series 11 episode “Rosa”, so you know… take our drunk opinions for what they are. Also hey, feel free to hit the internet for more pertinent voices. We have a link to some in the show notes.

K thanks byyeeeeeeeee.

Outro music is a metal cover of Sex and the City we found on the internet.


There’s a pretty good list of folks to listen to on all matters regarding the Rosa episode here.

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Doctor Whooch // Episode 139 // Delayed Gratification with Pickles and Bumble


On this week’s episode, The Doctor and her best friends are out in spppaaaaaaaaaace! Which is slightly problematic when you’re, you know, in the vacuum of it, and not in a ship. But no worries! There are ships, and Brandon and Danica DEFINITELY remember the names of who the pilots were and they don’t at all ruin the emotional resonance of many scenes. Anyway, hey! It’s “The Ghost Monument” and it is brilliant, and thank you all for listening.

Outro music is “Best Friend” by Foster the People


You can listen to “So You Think You Can Danica” with Danica and our good friend Devin R. Bruce by heading over here!

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Doctor Whooch // Episode 138 // About Damn Time

On this week’s show… uh… huh. I dunno. Did anything cool happen recently? With Doctor Who? Ah, we’ll think of something.

FINALLY, Doctor Who is back, and it is a brand new era, with Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, and a bevy of new folks behind the scenes! Do we have opinions? Will we compare this to Moffat era stuff? All good questions, you. Clever, clever. Do a listen, and we’re sure you’ll find the answers you’re looking for, just… fairly incoherently.

Outro music is “Changes” by Bananarama


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Drink This Podcast Ep. 92 // We Must Boo: A Conversation About Wrestling

Brandon’s back on Drink This Podcast this week in the first of a two part episode about pyjama fights! Or uhm… wrestling. Professional wrestling.


You can take a listen by heading over to their website – and stay tuned for the next episode, arriving soon.

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Radio Free Skaro #655 // Her Majesty

Last weekend, at the Edmonton Expo, Danica was part of a Doctor Who panel that was recorded for this week’s Radio Free Skaro! 

If you’re in the mood to hear more (and there’s a lot more) head over to the Radio Free Skaro website where you’ll get a jam packed episode. Turns out, one week away from the big Series 11 premiere, there’s a lot to cover…

Some other times some misguided folks invited us onto their podcasts…

Presence and Present

The world is going to heck, and I’m pretty numb to most of it.

I’m not alright with that, you should know. I wish I could feel things as strongly as others. Perhaps it’s part of growing older, perhaps it’s my heavy depression and then the anti-depressants after that. Who the heck knows? I’m mainly just disappointed in myself for not being present in this awful, awful world. For not doing all I can to make it better.

The trouble is, I’ve gotten very good at pretending that things are good, and too good at lying to those I love to know the difference now. Am I actually good or am I lying to myself again? That’s where I get confused.

Things *are* good right now. The store is doing really well, Brandon and I are stronger than ever, but my brain meats are being dysfunctional. I wish I could sit back and be happy with right now, but that’s never been who I am.