Doctor Whooch // Episode 003 // Sex Stuff Will Happen

In which we fill your metaphorical inboxes with all the drunk Who talk you can handle.

In this third installment, Danica has another very important message for the kids, some sex stuff happens with David Tennant, and Brandon picks a fight with Hugh Laurie probably. Also, we stick to the format and discuss “World War III” (the fifth episode of series one) and “The Shakespeare Code” (the second episode of series four) before rolling into some Buffy talk, which may or may not get sad because: “The Body”. Yeah, you’re getting a wide range of drunks this week. Enjoy!

Outro music is “Don’t Carry It All” by The Decembrists


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Doctor Whooch // Episode 002 // Playing Dirty

The second slurry instalment!

Brandon and Danica are back, and this time they’re drunker than ever. Which I guess means “drunker than last time”. Anyway, in this episode, we talk about “The Unquiet Dead” and “Aliens of London”, the third and fourth installments of Series One. Also, Brandon makes things awkward by talking about when NOT to bring condoms, and Danica gets all the best lines (because she’s awesome).

Outro music is “SexyBack (feat. Timbaland)” by Justin Timberlake.


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Doctor Whooch // Episode 001 // The End of Danica

It’s the first episode of Doctor Whooch, with your hosts Brandon Schatz and Danica LeBlanc!

In this first episode, Brandon talks about watching the first two episodes of Series One (“Rose” & “The End of the World”) for the first time. Also Danica nearly dies and Brandon takes a joke to a pretty terrible place. Because that’s what he does.


Podcast! The Comics // Episode 017 // REAL TALK with Kelly Sue DeConnick

This week, the boys sit down for a long conversation with one of their very favourite people in the world, writer Kelly Sue DeConnick.  What, for reasons unimaginable, starts off as a discussion of Tumblr and James’ field of work eventually turns to Kelly Sue’s upcoming projects: the new Captain Marvel series, Ghost and the latest Castle graphic novel, Richard Castle’s Storm Season, as well as KISS, the nature of art, self-doubt and how making the world a better place requires owning up to your fears and having hard discussions about difficult topics.  It’s a freewheeling, varied conversation that goes from giggling fits to remarkably serious topics, and is all the better for it.

Remember to talk to your comic book shop about pre-ordering Kelly Sue’s new books and also to check out Rappers Doing Normal Shit.  Finally, thanks again to Kelly Sue for being so generous with her time and her kind words.

Find Kelly Sue at, on Tumblr or on Twitter at @KellySue.

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