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Drink This Podcast Ep. 93 // The Goof in Me: The Rest of a Conversation About Wrestling

Have you been waiting for more wrestling talk? Whelp, you’re very ridiculous prayers have been answered!

You ask for weird things.

Anyway, you can listen to Brandon slur his way through more wrestling stuff, and attempt to introduce one of the hosts to the magical realm of Lucha Underground, where one of the wrestlers definitely gets eaten by a cage monster in the first season. Oh, and one of the wrestlers is a dragon, and another is a time traveller. And that’s probably some of the least bonkers stuff.

Some other times misguided folks invited us onto their podcasts…

Drink This Podcast Ep. 92 // We Must Boo: A Conversation About Wrestling

Brandon’s back on Drink This Podcast this week in the first of a two part episode about pyjama fights! Or uhm… wrestling. Professional wrestling.


You can take a listen by heading over to their website – and stay tuned for the next episode, arriving soon.

Some other times some misguided folks invited us onto their podcasts…