MonthNovember 2016

Doctor Whooch // Episode 104 // Crazy Shadow Sex Knives

In which we try to make sense of Class and might fail in the process.

On this week’s show, Brandon and Danica take another spin at trying to explain what’s been happening on Class as they recap “Brave-Ish Heart” – the fifth episode in the first series. The results of which are very mixed, but hey, at least you get another one of Brandon’s surreal episode descriptions of bonkers plot points! Also on this episode: we still love Brooklyn 99, y’all! It’s amazing.

Outro music is “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten.

Doctor Whooch // Episode 103 // Trans-Dimensional Heart Sexting

In which Class goes sideways in a really weird way, but hey, we’re drunk, so whatever.

On this week’s show, we reach the midpoint of CLASS with episode four, “Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart” and things get really weird. Are you ready for crazy teen/shadow monster sex scene parallels? What about bouts of murder rage and existential crisis about a weapon filled with souls? If only our biggest problems were “my heart is connected to a shadow monster” and not “the real world is filled with garbage”. Is that where we’re at? WHO KNOWS!

Outro music is “Owner of a Lonely Heart” by Grizzly Bear.


Doctor Whooch // Episode 102 // Active Listening

In which we encourage you all to embrace the abyss. (It’s an uplifting episode.)

On this week’s show, we demonstrate our veal for life by steering into some dark skids. Also, we talk about the third episode of Class, “Night Visiting”, which is pretty friggen great you guys. How will Drunk Brandon and Danica deal with teens experiencing loss and emotion? Let’s say well. It goes well.

Also hey, when we were looking for the outro music for this episode, we stumbled across a whole bunch of white German men singing “It’s Raining Men” so here’s a link to that.


NoNaNo 2016

So it’s November, and like every year, I really, really want to do the whole NaNoWriMo thing, but I know it would be a huge disaster. Case in point: it has taken me over an hour to write this many words.

My brain is actual garbage right now.


While every single synapse in my brain screams for the sweet release of death in the face of what my fingers are typing right now, I am making this challenge for myself official once more: while I won’t be writing 50,000 words of fiction, I will be trying to write 50,000 words this month in the form of posts here, at Comics Beat, and at Variant Edition. 

I’ve tried to do this before. I have failed, for obvious reasons.

We will see how long I last through this year’s challenge before retreating back into the world of picking around on social media.

Probably tomorrow.

Oh god, what have I done.

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