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Oh Archie

Mostly just so I can get this out of my head.

So Archie Comics is relaunching their main Archie title in July with comic superstar’s Mark Waid and Fiona Staples establishing a new aesthetic. As I understand it, this pair is guaranteed to stick around for three issues. Staples is busy with Saga and is making the time, and Waid… well, who knows. The dude is really busy, so who knows. There’s three issues for sure. That runs July, August, September. Do you think they’re holding the previously announced Lena Dunham arc for the title in October, making a big splash at New York Comic Con? Or, do they save that for the inevitable relaunch of Betty and Veronica? I think it all depends on budgets, and what the company has lined up.

Anyway. For whatever reason, I had to spill that out there. Continue with your day. Thank you.

The Weekly Pull // Frankenstein

Going to the comic store as a civilian has been a strange experience. From this side of the counter, I can understand how people would skip on adding books to their file, in that I’ve yet to make changes to mine in the past few weeks… despite the fact that there’s a chance some of the books I’m interested in won’t be on the shelves by the time I get into the store. So there’s that.

This week, I’m starting a self indulgent look at my pull list. If I’m being honest, I’m doing this because I’m talking about comics about 95% less than I usually do, and it’s really freaking me out. If I’m being more honest, I’ll probably continue this after my shop starts because I’m just conceited enough to believe you might care about what I read. Let’s uh… let’s do this. Continue reading The Weekly Pull // Frankenstein

Party Pooper

I’m dropping this safely in the confines of my personal blog because… well, it’s not so much a valid criticism so much as it’s personal feeling.

I love the idea of the Image Expo. I love a big, industry melting thing that celebrates the achievements of one of the best publishers in the business today. But you guys. These announcements. They need to be reigned in a little. I mean… yes, pretty much everything announced today was exciting and I absolutely can’t wait for the majority of these to get into my hands. But. Image is having the same problem Marvel and DC used to have when they started announcing books coming out six months to a year from their ship dates. They’re getting excited about product in development, and they’re blowing announcements in a big splash in order to make the company look strong for a couple of days at the detriment to the books that just aren’t ready. I mean hey, remember all those Nick Spencer announcements from… what was it, a year ago? Those looked pretty good, right? Where are they? And honestly, can you tell me what they were about without looking them up?

Each Image Expo has announced books that have yet to ship – and they started doing this roughly 3 years ago. And man, I love getting excited about comics, but I’d rather the company hold onto some of those announcements until they know the titles will be shipping out in a healthy time frame after the announcements, you know? And yeah, I know it’s all creator owned content, and Image can’t control what they don’t own, but… I dunno, maybe focus the lens on books on the schedule proper, you know? It’s not like they don’t make great books – so what if the names attached aren’t big. Isn’t this all about content anyway? It should be.

Comics // Selling (Or Not Selling) Batman

(In advance of a longer article over at Comics Beat.)

In October, DC’s current best selling title (Batman) will be starting a new story arc. What can you tell us about the story, DC?

From the superstar creative team that brought you a new start to the Caped Crusader comes the story that could end him.”

Hmm. Okay, sounds… well, sounds like every superhero story out there, but we’re at the first sentence. Surely you’ve got a good hook coming down the line.

Be there in October for the biggest, deadliest and most epic story yet from writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo – ‘Batman: Endgame’ begins here!”

…um… right. Cool. That’s it? Wait, surely the cover has more information… or at least a cool tease…

Batman #35


Okay, yes, I get it that the new Batman arc is going to sell because… well, Batman is currently selling – but the goal should always, always be to move more copies. This solicit gives me no information to sell the book with, so I will inevitably be selling it to the customers who are currently buying Batman – which is a shame, because this will be the first opportunity to sell new readers on the book in over a year.

(And no, I’m not counting whatever ridiculousness DC’s September Future’s End event will bring – that issue, as with all the tie-in issues, will have little if not nothing to do with the ongoing story lines within Batman. So.)

I get that it’s Batman, and I get that you’re going to move copies, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to be lazy. This book could be doing even better with the right marketing. Someone please make this happen.