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Doctor Whooch // Episode 086 // We Like Your Stupid Faces

In which someone pulls a Phillip K Dick move.

On this week’s show: we head back to Series 7 and take a “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” with a spaceship full of assholes. We also see various rooms from the TARDIS. And The Doctor is weirdly sexist? Or I guess more overtly. There was a thing. Many things. And drunkeness.

Outro music is “Shiny Happy People” by R.E.M.


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Doctor Whooch // Episode 085 // The Doctor Is A Dick In A Rocket

In which the title really speaks for itself.

This week on the show, Brandon and Danica are on to the next stop in the River Song timeline: “Day of the Moon”. And good news! Mark Shepard is still here. That was super nice of him to stick around and be handsome on a genre show. Beyond that, this one has a bit of everything. Singing! Weird phrasing! Dancing? Maybe. How would you even know? You wouldn’t. So there.

Outro music is “Man on the Moon” by R.E.M.


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Doctor Whooch // Episode 084 // This Will All End In Teas

Preferably an Earl Grey, but we’re open to options.

On this week’s show, Danica and Brandon head back to series 6 to watch “The Girl Who Waited”. Fun fact! Brandon talks about watching this episode for the first time in crying in bed and it’s not awkward. Nope. And what else. Um… oh! Rory is pretty much useless in this episode, which is weird considering he’s the one who is supposedly given the big heartbreaking decision. So there’s that. And also silliness! Enjoy, nerds!

Outro music is “All By Myself” by John Barrowman. Yes, really.


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Doctor Who News // No Maisie or Netflix, but Maybe Capaldi?

A round-up of news regarding our favourite television series about a strange alien with two hearts that rides around space and time in a weird blue box.

  • Fans hoping that Maisie Williams (and probably by extension, Jenna Coleman) will make a return to the show sometime soon shouldn’t hold their breath. The actress claims she is done with the show, but people say a lot of things. Or rather, Doctor Who fans remain eternally hopeful that their favourites will return, because as always, The Doctor always lies…
  • If you’ve been watching Doctor Who on Netflix in Canada, it’s time to make some contingency plans, as it has been announced that CraveTV will soon be the exclusive streaming service for the show very soon.
  • In not-really-news-news, Peter Capaldi may or may not show up on the Doctor Who spin-off Class. Also, with BBC3 moving to a streaming service, it’s unsure whether or not the series will air weekly, or drop all at once. Speaking as folks who run a weekly drunk Doctor Who podcast, we kind of hope it’s weekly so we don’t have to plan content for about 8 weeks later this year.

Doctor Whooch // Episode 001 // The End of Danica

It’s the first episode of Doctor Whooch, with your hosts Brandon Schatz and Danica LeBlanc!

In this first episode, Brandon talks about watching the first two episodes of Series One (“Rose” & “The End of the World”) for the first time. Also Danica nearly dies and Brandon takes a joke to a pretty terrible place. Because that’s what he does.


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