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Day One

And so the next phase begins now.

My last day at Wizard’s was on the 31st and Danica had me take the 1st and the 2nd off for recalibration purposes. I was a bit squirrelly about that at first because I resented the implication that I have a workaholic problem – but then I immediately tried to bargain with her so that I could get a little bit of work done on my “days off”, which really proved her point. So I took the time off, and it was great. I feel quite energized, primed for everything that’s about to come so… as always, my darling wife was right. She usually is.

So yes. Today is the start of everything. So far, the day has been spent tweaking a new website, cleaning the apartment a little as the support team for a January project the lovely wife is undertaking, and tidying up other bits. As the day goes, I hope to get a bit more writing done, but I really want to focus on working on the aforementioned new website in the background of everything today. It’s going to be pretty great once it’s all put together. But for now? There’s a whole lot of wool gathering to be done, and I’m mostly wasting time meandering during this post. Onwards. Talk with you all soon.

A Building Pressure

Can 2015 be here yet?

I don’t mean to be ungrateful. 2014 has been great for me. It was the year Danica and I got another cat, took a wonderful three week vacation in Connecticut, got engaged, and then married. It will probably go down in my personal history books as one of my biggest and best. That said, with the year coming to a close, I find myself eager for new challenges.

My employment at Wizard’s Comics comes to an end on December 31st, 2014. After that? Something really crazy starts. Something that I can not wait to start working on properly instead of in half-measures.

And yes, this is a tease of a post. If I’m being perfectly honest, I’m writing this more for me than anyone else. I need to let a little steam out to deaden the pressure that’s building. I need to spill words onto a page so that others can have room in my brain. I need to do something while I float about accomplishing far too little by design and necessity.

2015, get a god damn move on.

Happy Van Der Thanksgiving

Happy Van Der Thanksgiving, everyone.

For those who don’t know, Van Der Thanksgiving is the day the ghost of Dawson Leery visits all the good grown ass adults in Canada and gives them a good cry face.

Van Der Cry Face

It might also be the day which all the comic news websites go down for the weekend, and I am bored as hell. So. Get ready for that, I guess.

The End Is Where We Start From

“What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”

-T.S. Elliot

After over eight years of general work, and four spent as store manager, I have tendered my resignation at Wizard’s Comics, effective December 31st, 2014.

This is not a decision that came easily. I love the shop and the people who frequent it. In addition, the owners have been very kind to me over the years, going above and beyond to help me out when various stresses started to overwhelm. My leaving Wizard’s is not a comment on the owners, the business, or the people who frequent the store – it’s a statement about myself, and what I want to do with my life.

Over the next few months, I’m going to be preparing for the next phase of my life. I can’t really tell you all much about it yet, but in the new year, I will continue to be a part of the comic book community. I’m not leaving, so much as adjusting my position within it, and as such, I’m hoping to become a much more powerful advocate for the medium.

Naturally, there will be a few more announcements to come. Those precious few who know more specifics, I’d appreciate it if you kept the information close to your chest. I can’t wait to share everything with all of you, but the timing of announcements is crucial for the next big thing, and I’m already scared enough.

Thank you all, for everything. We’ll talk again soon, I’m sure.


In year’s past, I’ve tried to do the whole NaNoWriMo thing to varying degrees of success. Last year, I made it to almost 20,000 words before stalling – a failure given the scope of the project, but a success in many other ways. I now have a bit of foundation for a series I’ve been planning to do for a few years, and a bit of working history for a whole I’ve wanted to bring to life for even longer, so that’s pretty cool.

I’m not going to try to do NaNoWriMo this year. Between upcoming projects and current commitments, I’m stretched pretty thin as it is. That said, I’m still making it my mission to hit 50,000 words by the end of the month, through posts like this, and my work over at Comics! The Blog and Comics Beat. If I’m feeling really ambitious, I might even write some short fiction. Who knows? Regardless, I will be writing this month, and I will be writing quite a bit. Some of it might even be good. One can hope.

Unwritable Girl

My hands were shaking.

We’d been together for almost three years, had lived together for over two, and still, I couldn’t steady my hands. I had planned to propose a long time ago, but the ring I wanted to get her cost a bit of money, more money than I could afford under regular circumstances. She had told me that she didn’t want something fancy or expensive, but I knew it was perfect, and it had to be hers.

Finally, hands shaking, in Manchester, Connecticut, standing in the middle of a beautiful garden, under a beautiful gazebo, I get down on one knee… and promptly forget absolutely everything I wanted to say to her.

What do you say to the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with? Everything you can come up with will almost inevitably fall short of the goal. You strive for perfection, because that is what you have, the woman that fits with you perfectly, but you can’t possibly describe the feeling you have for her.

Flash forward a few short months. Ever since you’ve been engaged, you’ve talked about getting married. How could you not? You want to be this woman’s husband, and you want to be that as soon as possible. The two of you decide on October 17th, the day she asked you to be her boyfriend, and you accepted without question. Three years to that day, you get married.

It’s a small ceremony. Nobody you know is there, except your soon-to-be wife. You’re nervous and she’s nervous, and you’re sure and you’re unsure and the emotion swirls, and your head swims. The time draws near. The ceremony starts. She walks towards you, and taps you on the shoulder. You turn around. Instantly, you’re a ball of tears. This woman, standing before you. Smiling. Radiant. Gorgeous. Her dress is stunning, a beautiful lacy number that makes her look like she walked off the set of an old Hollywood movie. This woman. And she wants you.

We go through the ceremony, repeating words, and saying our own. The proceedings are a blur. The only memory is her face, her eyes, her smile. This woman.

Today, I’ve been married for a little over a week. In all ways, I’ve never been happier than I am now. There’s just something about the love of an amazing woman, a woman who makes you feel more than the sum of your parts… there’s just something about her. Something indescribable, something I scramble to put into tangible description every day. It’s impossible.

To you, my love. And to the time (and space) we will spend together, travelling through life, together.

I love you.


Monday, Briefly

  • Tomorrow, I’m going to post about that time that I got married. By the way, you guys, I’m married now. I’m somebody’s husband. Specifically, the wonderful Danica LeBlanc’s husband. She wrote a wonderful piece about the day on her blog, and you should definitely check that out.
  • Today was a day off, which probably meant I should have been writing. Instead, I went into work for a bit and fielded a call from the shop owner that got me fairly riled up. I’m sorting through what the consequences of that call might be. Suffice to say, the next little while might be very interesting.
  • A big box full of Kyle Starks showed up at the homestead today, and all of Edmonton should be able to get their hands on it soon! Stay tuned for details…
  • Comics! The Blog got a bit of a redesign over the past week, and content is gearing back up after a lull. Look for a lot more in the near future.
  • It’s bed time. Time for bed. Night all.

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

And of course, I haven’t written a thing on this vacation. Not really. I usually have grand plans for getting stuff done, but I keep forgetting: I’m on vacation. My mind is pre-tuned to a more relaxing mode, and that mode is never in the mood to analyze or organize thoughts. So hey, check it out! Words!

*We’ve been a bit of everywhere so far, mostly hanging out in Connecticut with short trips out to Cape Cod in Rhode Island (for fun) and Ontario (for fun and family and friends). I actually met Scott Williams in person for the first time ever. By my count, we’ve been working in similar circles going on… 13 years now? Which is insane. He’s a great dude, and just as awesome and funny in person.

*Connecticut is a wonderful place. It’s everything Edmonton isn’t, which isn’t a slight to Edmonton – it’s just the point of a vacation is to go elsewhere and experience something outside of your regular realm of experience. This is definitely that. Beautiful old houses are everywhere, and everything is just so spread out. It’s great.

*And yes, I’ve been ruminating on a few articles. I mean hey, Marvel is apparently trying to get people to go deep on AXIS in order to trade in unsold copies for future Avengers variants. I have opinions on that. There’s also a few half finished things ready to go. So the first week back should be buckshot in terms of content and writing.

*And uh hmmmm…. What else, what else…

Oh right! I’m engaged! I was going to toss up a picture there, but it doesn’t look like my site will let me at this point, for whatever reason. Disappointing. Anyway, as of a week ago, the wonderful Ms. Danica LeBlanc agreed to marry me, and I’ve been grinning like an idiot ever since. I’m ridiculously happy, and having the time of my life. Vacation ends on Thursday, and while it’s always great to come back home, I’ve had a wonderful time, and the last few days look like they’ll be pretty great as well. Talk with you all later.

And So It Goes

1. Trying this out on the iPad, with nothing more than the formatting options that the WordPress app has to offer. I’m pondering a bit of a chronicle of the upcoming vacation, and figured ease would be the key. Low formatting, high content, blah blah blah. Consider this a test.

2. We’ve arrived back home after my sister’s wedding, and while there are definitely stories, they’ll probably happen later or not at all. I was the MC at the reception, and that was a bit of a task, but the whole day went relatively well, and my sister looked happy and wonderful, and that’s really all I could ask. Her husband is a great guy, and I’m glad to have him and his son (and my nephew) be a part of the family.

3. Speaking of weddings, no writing was accomplished this weekend. Oh and also, Danica and I will be attending another wedding this coming weekend. And then it’s time for vacation! Aaaaand I’m still writing what I can for the lovely internet. Ah, the crazy times. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

4. Speaking of writing, I think I have a decent schedule happening for Variant Edition, one that I hope to maintain while we’re off on vacation. It won’t be anything I’m going to push too hard – the point of a vacation is to relax a bit – but hopefully, it should help get things moving a bit smoother in that regard.

5. This week at Comics Beat: an article about using the power of comics retail responsibly, and that Archie piece, again, probably.

More to come…

Quite Quiet.

And he disappears for a while. Of course he does.

  1. A couple of weeks ago, I posted a piece on Archie Comics over at Comics Beat and the damn thing disappeared. There are reasons for this that I may or may not discuss later, but keep an eye out for a similar article to go up early next week.
  2. This weekend, I will be attending my sister’s wedding, and man, I’m already stressing. I’m not even a big part of the wedding. Or well… I think I’m supposed to play a piano song at some point and I’m definitely supposed to MC the supper. So there’s that. But as for planning? Not so much. Anyway, still a little stressed, as we have this wedding and another to attend before we head off on our vacation and time is… condensing? I think. It’s weird.
  3. I’ve set some impossible goals to hit in terms of content. I think it will help me focus on doing some things, if not all things, and help me keep on track. I mean, if I aim for the impossible, but can be pleased with what amounts to a decent amount of content, that’s still good, right? Right.
  4. I started Variant Edition last week, and I didn’t post about it here. There will be something more substantial about it tomorrow, mark my words. MARK THEM.

And I’m out. We’ll talk soon, I promise. Almost definitely. Probably. Maybe.