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Doctor Whooch // Episode 028 // A Wahlberg-Lawrence Production

In which we discover who our Funky Bunch is.

While watching (and we use the term watching loosely) the Sixth Doctor serial Vengeance on Varos we got really tipsy and lost track of this episode pretty early on. Want some talk about JTT? How about Devin Sawa? Or hey, what’s Mark Wahlberg been doing lately? (While we were editing this episode, we discovered that Mark Wahlberg is not hungry, but is a movie starring giant metal Care Bears which did pretty okay. Who knew?) The answers to this AND MORE, on this week’s episode!

Outro music is “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” by Afrocentrixxx.


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Doctor Whooch // Episode 027 // Christmas Feels

In which Torchwood treats us to a nice holiday tale of assisted suicide.

We’re back with Captain Jack in this week and things get… happy? No, no, this is Torchwood, so things gets sad and sexy and sadnsexy. It’s like schadenfreunde, but less German. Anyway, we watched “Out of Time” (Series One, Episode Ten) and “Combat” (Series One, Episode Eleven) and drank and laughed until we cried and cried and cried.

Outro music is “September” by Sisqo and Vitamin C. Yeah, you read that right.


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Doctor Whooch // Episode 026 // Eric Roberts, No!

In this week’s episode, we are above dick jokes.

It’s the show’s one year Whoochiversary! To celebrate, we drank some Buttle Ripple Schnapps and went crazy with the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie, and attempt to hold an intervention for Eric Roberts, who is probably an actual villain right now. Also, one of our cats is a jerk. Huzzah!

Outro music is “November Rain” by Anakelly


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Orders and Disorders

Whelp, that certainly was a day.

For those keeping score at home, today was the day my final orders for DC’s latest round of lenticular covers were due (yeah, I linked the article again. Whatever, I’m proud), as well as my orders for all of July’s product in general. Suffice to say, the day proceeded at a bit of a run, and hasn’t quite let up. That said, things still happened, as they always do! Let’s hit the high points.

  • Not half an hour ago, I wrote about Knuckleheadsa great comedic superhero book from Monkeybrain that you should all be reading.  Issues are just a scant 99 cents on the Wizard’s Comics digital storefront – why not try a few?
  • The newest Doctor Whooch is up, wherein Danica is surly until she’s not. We have so much fun doing these you guys. So much fun. You can hit up the episode, complete with show notes over at Comics! The Blog as per usual, or download it on iTunes. Your choice!
  • Meanwhile, Danica’s post at Live Within Your Space featured some promises, and a request for requests and questions. She’s a fount of information, if you have any organizing or decorating questions, so please, hit her up for info!
  • I haven’t had a chance to read Mark Waid and Barry Kitson’s return to Empire yet, and it’s driving me crazy. I mean, I only have myself to blame, but still. Get on it, Brandon. (BTW – Empire is one of the strongest books Mark Waid has written, all about a Doctor Doom type who has conquered the earth, and now has to combat threats from within.)
  • My second post at Comics Beat should be going up tomorrow – this one about the impending departure of Bob Wayne, and how it might effect the comic book industry for the worse. Uplifting stuff, right? Anyway, I’m thinking the next thing I work on might be a general piece on how retailers don’t want to work antagonistically with publishers, but how that sort of just… happens – like with DC’s lenticular covers. Both sides are working towards the same goal – selling more comics – but it can’t be done without both sides being serviced. I’m gonna’ stop there before I write the whole damn thing right now.
  • I said “no” to a project a family member asked me to do today. It was hard, and I have a feeling there will be repercussions, but time and circumstance didn’t allow. They usually don’t, but I also usually try to squeeze out time, and end up letting certain things suffer as a result. As it happens, I’m really trying to get on top of being a deadline guy. You have to if you want to do some freelance stuff, because nobody’s going to trust you if you can’t hit your deadlines, so… yeah. I’m bargaining with myself right now. I know I did a good thing for me, and that I have to be selfish sometimes but… yeah. Anyway. Articles I wrote will be up tomorrow. Yay!

And that’s the day! We’ll talk again tomorrow, nerds!



Doctor Whooch // Episode 025 // Science Is Magic!

In which Danica is surly until the Peach Schnapps kicks in.

In this week’s episode, we have some more Torch-words about Torchwood, as Brandon visits “Countrycide” (Series 1, Episode 6) and we both check out “They Keep Killing Suzie” and “Random Shoes” (Episodes 8 and 9). One of them leaves you empty as you ponder the inevitability of death. The other leaves you hopeful as you ponder the inevitability of death. Torchwood!

Bonus note: You should listen to The Listmakers. Yes, yes you should.

Outro music is “Sing, Sing Sing (With A Swing)” by Louis Prima


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Doctor Whooch // Episode 024 // So Money, Extreme Fancy

In which we buy your love with new internet currencies. Or something.

On this week’s episode, Brandon and Danica drop in on the Fifth Doctor, with a serial called “Earthshock”, which was pretty rad. And while Brandon can’t remember the who played the Fifth immediately after they watched the episodes, Danica is there to keep things on track, and punch Brandon as needed. And trust us, it’s needed. Hail Hyrda.

Outro music is “The Sambola! International Dance Craze” by Jeff Young.


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Doctor Whooch // Episode 023 // Misandry!

In which Danica is a pirate.

During this week’s episode, your intrepid hosts delve deeper into Torchwood with the Series One episodes “Small Worlds” and “Greeks Bearing Gifts”, skipping “Countryside” for Brandon to experience another day. Also, Danica punches Brandon a few times, and things start happening that probably involve neighbours, and not ghosts. Probably. Hopefully.

Doctor Whooch // Episode 022 // Time Travelling Egyptian Wil Wheaton

In which Brandon and Danica are both kinda’ sick. So. There’s that.

In this week’s episode, your awesome hosts are feeling not-so-awesome, but a love of Doctor Who conquers all! With hooch in hand, we explored “Pyramids of Mars” – a fourth Doctor serial that was… whelp, interesting. Weird stuff happened, and the Doctor was a bit of a jerk, but hey, there were explosions and running! Which was nice.

Outro music is “Cold Hands and Chapped Lips” by Hot Panda


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Doctor Whooch // Episode 021 // Ianto, No!

In which we discover just what a sexy Cyberwoman looks like, and the feels get all weird on us.

This week’s episode (our first that can legally drink in the US!) our special guest James Leask (of Comics! The Blog fame) joins us for another two episodes of Torchwood (“Ghost Machine” and “Cyberwoman”). Things start weird and get weirder pretty quick. This is what happens when you have a drunk podcast, I guess.

Outro music is “Stop the Rock” by Appolo 440.


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Doctor Whooch // Episode 020 // Tequila Blood Moon

In which we rediscover the sensation of tequila and things progress from there.

In this week’s episode, we continue to explore Classic Who with the third Doctor’s debut serial, “Spearhead from Space”. Also, crunk things happen as we invent a new drink* and dovetail into talk about the new Veronica Mars movie in a section we like to call “Veronica Bars”.

Outro music is “Commotion” by Creedence Clearwater Revival.


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