Comics Beat // FOC Fridays

Two weeks ago, I began writing a weekly column about final order cut-offs for Comics! Beat. Time for some links:

  • (09.27.2014) // “So here’s the thing about this new Deathstroke book: I genuinely think there has never been a better time for DC to try and make this book happen. The character is coming off of a high profile turn as the big bad on the latest season of Arrow where he was watched by millions. The DVDs are out. The episodes will eventually hit Netflix. They’d be stupid tonot test the waters with a new series. The problem? They are testing those waters poorly.
  • (10.03.2014) // “This week’s final order cut off has the last issue of Superman Unchained, and now I can set fire my feelings of disappointment and send the whole thing off to sea. While Scott Snyder and Jim Lee put together a phenomenal book, DC could have done so much more with this series. So, so much more.”

Every week I’m not on vacation or otherwise indisposed, these’ll be running weekly, alongside a weekly shot of my regular retail column. All of this along with churning things out regularly. Or at least I hope. As always, we’ll see how this all turns out.

Doctor Whooch // Episode 032 // Into Dorkness

In which we’re drunk in Hartford!

We’re still on vacation, which means we have ANOTHER episode of Doctor Whooch ready for your ears, and this time, we’re talking about “Into the Dalek”, the second episode of the eighth series. What did we think? Well, we’re not entirely sure. We drank more during this episode than any other episode, for vacation reasons, and we can’t remember what happened. So, uh… enjoy?

Outro music is “I Am A Dalek” by The Art Attacks.


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Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

And of course, I haven’t written a thing on this vacation. Not really. I usually have grand plans for getting stuff done, but I keep forgetting: I’m on vacation. My mind is pre-tuned to a more relaxing mode, and that mode is never in the mood to analyze or organize thoughts. So hey, check it out! Words!

*We’ve been a bit of everywhere so far, mostly hanging out in Connecticut with short trips out to Cape Cod in Rhode Island (for fun) and Ontario (for fun and family and friends). I actually met Scott Williams in person for the first time ever. By my count, we’ve been working in similar circles going on… 13 years now? Which is insane. He’s a great dude, and just as awesome and funny in person.

*Connecticut is a wonderful place. It’s everything Edmonton isn’t, which isn’t a slight to Edmonton – it’s just the point of a vacation is to go elsewhere and experience something outside of your regular realm of experience. This is definitely that. Beautiful old houses are everywhere, and everything is just so spread out. It’s great.

*And yes, I’ve been ruminating on a few articles. I mean hey, Marvel is apparently trying to get people to go deep on AXIS in order to trade in unsold copies for future Avengers variants. I have opinions on that. There’s also a few half finished things ready to go. So the first week back should be buckshot in terms of content and writing.

*And uh hmmmm…. What else, what else…

Oh right! I’m engaged! I was going to toss up a picture there, but it doesn’t look like my site will let me at this point, for whatever reason. Disappointing. Anyway, as of a week ago, the wonderful Ms. Danica LeBlanc agreed to marry me, and I’ve been grinning like an idiot ever since. I’m ridiculously happy, and having the time of my life. Vacation ends on Thursday, and while it’s always great to come back home, I’ve had a wonderful time, and the last few days look like they’ll be pretty great as well. Talk with you all later.

Doctor Whooch // Episode 031 // Vacation Haze

In which we’re on vacation, losers!

This week’s episode features a first: while we’ve been doing Doctor Whooch long enough to talk about the two specials that rounded off Matt Smith’s run as The Doctor, we’ve never been recording during a full series. Whelp, that’s all clearly changing, because we have Capaldi to talk about! In this episode, we say things! About “Deep Breath”! What exactly? Who knows! Oh, and we also don’t mention our engagement, because we recorded it before that happened but HEY YOU GUYS WE GOT ENGAGED! Isn’t that cool? That’s pretty cool.

Outro music is “Let It Ride” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive


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And So It Goes

1. Trying this out on the iPad, with nothing more than the formatting options that the WordPress app has to offer. I’m pondering a bit of a chronicle of the upcoming vacation, and figured ease would be the key. Low formatting, high content, blah blah blah. Consider this a test.

2. We’ve arrived back home after my sister’s wedding, and while there are definitely stories, they’ll probably happen later or not at all. I was the MC at the reception, and that was a bit of a task, but the whole day went relatively well, and my sister looked happy and wonderful, and that’s really all I could ask. Her husband is a great guy, and I’m glad to have him and his son (and my nephew) be a part of the family.

3. Speaking of weddings, no writing was accomplished this weekend. Oh and also, Danica and I will be attending another wedding this coming weekend. And then it’s time for vacation! Aaaaand I’m still writing what I can for the lovely internet. Ah, the crazy times. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

4. Speaking of writing, I think I have a decent schedule happening for Variant Edition, one that I hope to maintain while we’re off on vacation. It won’t be anything I’m going to push too hard – the point of a vacation is to relax a bit – but hopefully, it should help get things moving a bit smoother in that regard.

5. This week at Comics Beat: an article about using the power of comics retail responsibly, and that Archie piece, again, probably.

More to come…

Quite Quiet.

And he disappears for a while. Of course he does.

  1. A couple of weeks ago, I posted a piece on Archie Comics over at Comics Beat and the damn thing disappeared. There are reasons for this that I may or may not discuss later, but keep an eye out for a similar article to go up early next week.
  2. This weekend, I will be attending my sister’s wedding, and man, I’m already stressing. I’m not even a big part of the wedding. Or well… I think I’m supposed to play a piano song at some point and I’m definitely supposed to MC the supper. So there’s that. But as for planning? Not so much. Anyway, still a little stressed, as we have this wedding and another to attend before we head off on our vacation and time is… condensing? I think. It’s weird.
  3. I’ve set some impossible goals to hit in terms of content. I think it will help me focus on doing some things, if not all things, and help me keep on track. I mean, if I aim for the impossible, but can be pleased with what amounts to a decent amount of content, that’s still good, right? Right.
  4. I started Variant Edition last week, and I didn’t post about it here. There will be something more substantial about it tomorrow, mark my words. MARK THEM.

And I’m out. We’ll talk soon, I promise. Almost definitely. Probably. Maybe.

Doctor Whooch // Episode 030 // Hand of OHMAWGAHD

In which we anger the liquor gods for the sake of your entertainment.

In this week’s episode, we reach the end of the line in our exploration of the first eight Doctors with the Slyvester McCoy serial “Remembrance of the Daleks” where the Doctor and his companion Ace fight the OH MY GOD IS THAT GEOFFREY FROM THE FRESH PRINCE??!?? It is!!!

…I’m sorry, where were we? Oh. Yeah, um, the Doctor and Ace fight Daleks and racism in the 60s during Doctor Who’s 25th year on the air, and it’s a whole thing. We talk about it. Then we talk about Guardians of the Galaxy a whole lot, because… you guys, it’s pretty rad. And we like space travellers.

Outro music is “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone.


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Doctor Whooch // Episode 029 // Getting Blitzed

In which we’re dying for your entertainment!

On this episode, we finally get to the end of Torchwood Series One with the episodes “Captain Jack Harkness” and “End of Days”. One of them was really good, and one of them was something else. We’ll give you a hint as to which was which: Captain Jack Harkness featured two Jack Harkness’ making out a little, and the other one was dumb.

Outro music is “Blitzkrieg Bop (feat. Chepito)” by Glambeats Corp.


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Comics // Selling (Or Not Selling) Batman

(In advance of a longer article over at Comics Beat.)

In October, DC’s current best selling title (Batman) will be starting a new story arc. What can you tell us about the story, DC?

From the superstar creative team that brought you a new start to the Caped Crusader comes the story that could end him.”

Hmm. Okay, sounds… well, sounds like every superhero story out there, but we’re at the first sentence. Surely you’ve got a good hook coming down the line.

Be there in October for the biggest, deadliest and most epic story yet from writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo – ‘Batman: Endgame’ begins here!”

…um… right. Cool. That’s it? Wait, surely the cover has more information… or at least a cool tease…

Batman #35


Okay, yes, I get it that the new Batman arc is going to sell because… well, Batman is currently selling – but the goal should always, always be to move more copies. This solicit gives me no information to sell the book with, so I will inevitably be selling it to the customers who are currently buying Batman – which is a shame, because this will be the first opportunity to sell new readers on the book in over a year.

(And no, I’m not counting whatever ridiculousness DC’s September Future’s End event will bring – that issue, as with all the tie-in issues, will have little if not nothing to do with the ongoing story lines within Batman. So.)

I get that it’s Batman, and I get that you’re going to move copies, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to be lazy. This book could be doing even better with the right marketing. Someone please make this happen.

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