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Elsewhere // “I Get Really Confused Around Books”

Last week, the lovely Danica LeBlanc was on episode 25 of Boozy Boob Tube, another great local (drunk) television podcast. The topic?

Agent Carter

This is a show that Danica and I are very diligent about keeping up with – which is a rarity in these early days of running Variant Edition. You can hear Danica and the wonderful women of Boozy Boob Tube share their thoughts here.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts about Agent Carter as well either on our social media, or below in the comment section.

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Doctor Whooch // Episode 015 // The Time of the Doctor Crunk-tacular with Boozy Boob Tube!

In which Brandon and Danica are joined by the lovely ladies of Boozy Boob Tube for a holiday treat!

This very special episode features Jessica, Emma, and Katie from the afroementioned Boozy Boob Tube (which you should be watching!) and a heaping helping of conversation about this year’s amazing Doctor Who Christmas Special. Also, everyone is good and toasty and someone’s relative is wrong about pretty much everything. Just so you know.

Our podcast photo is by GIRL NAMED SHIRL Photography.

You can find Boozy Boob Tube here.