Doctor Whooch // Episode 117 // #NotAllIceWarriors

Hold onto your butts, it’s a wine episode!

On this week’s show, Danica and Brandon bear witness to “The Empress of Mars” and gave Mark Gatiss the benefit of the doubt because they were drunk. Spoiler alert: they shouldn’t have. Hey. Do you think an episode featuring the colonial British might be pretty racist? Well, at least there’s treasures for them to steal. Also, penis metaphors.

Outro Music is “Underground” by The Sounds


Doctor Whooch // Episode 102 // Active Listening

In which we encourage you all to embrace the abyss. (It’s an uplifting episode.)

On this week’s show, we demonstrate our veal for life by steering into some dark skids. Also, we talk about the third episode of Class, “Night Visiting”, which is pretty friggen great you guys. How will Drunk Brandon and Danica deal with teens experiencing loss and emotion? Let’s say well. It goes well.

Also hey, when we were looking for the outro music for this episode, we stumbled across a whole bunch of white German men singing “It’s Raining Men” so here’s a link to that.


Elsewhere // 124th Street Dining

When we were looking to open Variant Edition, we had a very short list of areas we wanted to open in – and one of them (which seemed a little out of our reach) was the 124th Street Area. As luck would have it, we found a great location nestled in behind 124th (and still in the business district) and we couldn’t be happier. The area is filled with great local businesses and restaurants, and being able to work and live this close to all that awesomeness is pretty great.

Fun fact: a few weeks ago, Danica was asked to be a part of a video showcasing a lot of the great food 124th Street has to offer. You can see the video starring Brittney Le Blanc above, as well as Danica and Robyn Wilson.

Brittney has a companion piece to the video on her blog right here.

Elsewhere: The One // Episode 006 // Danica and Brandon


A little while ago, Danica and I were lucky enough to be asked to appear on a wonderful local podcast called The One, to which we eagerly (if nervously) agreed to.

For those who don’t know, The One is a podcast about everyday people, and their love stories. Naturally, the part that was making us a bit nervous was “talking about ourselves in a public forum”, but I think we managed okay. Maybe. Probably.


The episode went up on Wednesday, and you can listen to it by heading over here, or subscribing to the podcast, and downloading the sixth episode.

Thanks again to Robyn Wilson for having us on!

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