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Replay // Doctor Whooch and the Case of the Cry Face Ianto

We’ll be starting up Doctor Whooch’s 2016 new episodes next week, but first let’s go back and check out one of our favourite episodes of olde. It involves guest host James Leask (of Comics! The Blog, Moneyballas, and Twitter fame), Torchwood, ugly cry face Ianto, and an uncomfortably sexy Cyberwoman.

Please enjoy Episode 21, Ianto, No! and tune in for episode 77 on January 14. 

My 2016 January Cure

It’s my second year doing Apartment Therapy’s “January Cure“, and I wanted to share the process with you. If for nothing else then to keep myself accountable, I will try to give updates throughout the month about how it’s going.

There is a small project every day, except for the weekends, where the project is bigger and can be spread out over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Since we opened the year with a weekend, the apartment floor was swept as much as it could be with all the boxes laying about. (The boxes are on my list to deal with this month.) I won’t be buying flowers every weekend, as Max tries to eat any plant life I bring home, and they would just end up on top of the fridge.

My latest assignment was to make a list of tasks I’d like to get accomplished this month.


  • Decorate with washi tape to brighten the cabinets
  • Change over the tin foil in the oven
  • Replace dining nook light bulb
  • Hang some damn art
  • Figure out a better bar situation


  • Remove most items
  • Reassess how they are used and if they’re on the correct shelf for their function

Living Room

  • Go through, declutter, recycle papers in all random boxes
  • Hang more art
  • Set up office space
  • Declutter movies and music


  • Declutter under sink and medicine cabinet


  • Declutter clothing
  • Clean and organize top of bureau
  • Recycle broken laundry basket

Tonight’s task is to clean the pantry. While I don’t have a traditional pantry, I will be emptying out the cabinet beside the stove, cleaning off the shelves, and making a list of what I have in there to make future dinners simpler.

5 Things I Learned In 2015

I am brave. I learned how to create a business from nothing, stepped up to most challenges, created new working and personal relationships, and worked hard on making a space where everyone can feel comfortable and safe.

I am a coward. I did not speak up often, and have a lot of regrets that I didn’t use the power I now have when hearing others say hateful things. I let a lot of important decisions slide because I thought I could trust others to do their part. I chose anger over empathy, and pretended I didn’t have a choice.

I both forgot and discovered different parts of who I am. I like sparkly nail polish, the colour pink and being feminine, lipstick, and long, flowing dresses. My depression and anxiety returned with a vengeance, so perhaps I am disguising my inside with my out. I hate myself while attempting to show that I love myself.

I need to trust others more. I need to remember that I am not alone in this. That I will not be weakened by talking. This is my hardest lesson, and one that is most definitely not complete.

I learned that no matter what happens today, tomorrow really does have a chance to be better. If I must be stubborn, I will try to make it that about that in 2016.