My 2016 January Cure

It’s my second year doing Apartment Therapy’s “January Cure“, and I wanted to share the process with you. If for nothing else then to keep myself accountable, I will try to give updates throughout the month about how it’s going.

There is a small project every day, except for the weekends, where the project is bigger and can be spread out over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Since we opened the year with a weekend, the apartment floor was swept as much as it could be with all the boxes laying about. (The boxes are on my list to deal with this month.) I won’t be buying flowers every weekend, as Max tries to eat any plant life I bring home, and they would just end up on top of the fridge.

My latest assignment was to make a list of tasks I’d like to get accomplished this month.


  • Decorate with washi tape to brighten the cabinets
  • Change over the tin foil in the oven
  • Replace dining nook light bulb
  • Hang some damn art
  • Figure out a better bar situation


  • Remove most items
  • Reassess how they are used and if they’re on the correct shelf for their function

Living Room

  • Go through, declutter, recycle papers in all random boxes
  • Hang more art
  • Set up office space
  • Declutter movies and music


  • Declutter under sink and medicine cabinet


  • Declutter clothing
  • Clean and organize top of bureau
  • Recycle broken laundry basket

Tonight’s task is to clean the pantry. While I don’t have a traditional pantry, I will be emptying out the cabinet beside the stove, cleaning off the shelves, and making a list of what I have in there to make future dinners simpler.

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