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Doctor Whooch // Episode 121 // Gallifrey Public Radio Crossover: It’s About Time

In which we are sober AF, so we sound awkward AF.

On this very special episode, we’re featuring the main conversation from this week’s Gallifrey Public Radioepisode that we guested on. Hosts Keir, Jay and Haley were wonderful people to talk about the casting of the newest Doctor with, something we didn’t even know was happening when we first scheduled this crossover! Anyway, if you want to hear five awesome people gush about Jodie Whittaker for over an hour, WE HAVE YOUR BACK!

Also, if you enjoy this episode, you need to check out Gallifrey Public Radio, and just go back there every week. Tell them we sent you.

Oh, and also follow them on Twitter: @gallifreyradio.

Oh and also also, you can listen to when Danica guested on Keir’s other podcast here: In Defense Of – Between the Panels

oh and also also also we love you thanks byeee

Elsewhere // “I Get Really Confused Around Books”

Last week, the lovely Danica LeBlanc was on episode 25 of Boozy Boob Tube, another great local (drunk) television podcast. The topic?

Agent Carter

This is a show that Danica and I are very diligent about keeping up with – which is a rarity in these early days of running Variant Edition. You can hear Danica and the wonderful women of Boozy Boob Tube share their thoughts here.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts about Agent Carter as well either on our social media, or below in the comment section.

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Elsewhere: The One // Episode 006 // Danica and Brandon


A little while ago, Danica and I were lucky enough to be asked to appear on a wonderful local podcast called The One, to which we eagerly (if nervously) agreed to.

For those who don’t know, The One is a podcast about everyday people, and their love stories. Naturally, the part that was making us a bit nervous was “talking about ourselves in a public forum”, but I think we managed okay. Maybe. Probably.


The episode went up on Wednesday, and you can listen to it by heading over here, or subscribing to the podcast, and downloading the sixth episode.

Thanks again to Robyn Wilson for having us on!

Elsewhere: Summer Reading on Terra Informa


A few months back Chris Chang-Yen Phillips of Terra Informa stopped by the store to talk about some sci-fi series that had something the say about The Future and various effects on the environment – and this past week, the episode unspooled on CJSR.

Head over here if you want to hear my dulcet tones talk about Wasteland (by Antony Johnston, Chris Mitten, and a smattering of others), The Massive (by Brian Wood and others), and Deadenders (by Ed Brubaker and Warren Pleece). My bit starts about… 10 minutes in? Or hey, you can just give the whole show a listen. I highly recommend it.