Admittedly, I’m arriving to this show quite late. My initial disconnect came from how much the series seemed to resemble Fables, a particular favourite comic series of mine. The fact that ABC had put a version of Fables into pilot production the year before, only to pass upon it and pick up this series from their production umbrella the year later stunk a little, so I judged it before taking in a single scene.

Within a month of Once Upon a Time first airing, Fables creator Bill Willingham spoke with the creators of the show and later wrote a great piece imploring people to give the show a second… or rather a first chance. I didn’t, because I was behind and you guys there are so many comics and television shows and movies out there you guys and I let things sit like that for quite some time. Then, this past week, when I got sick, Danica and I decided to pass the time by finally checking out the show on Netflix.

We devoured the first season in little over a week. It’s really good, you guys. Really good. Danica once described it as “Lost meets fairy tales”, and that’s exactly it. The plotting is tight and the back story is fascinating. Almost every episode leaves you on a cliffhanger that you leaves you clawing for more. Also, there’s smooching. I mean, the entire show is built around smooching – or rather, the idea of love, and the inherent power it contains both intact and fractured. It’s pretty much my jam right now. If you’ve yet to see it, give the first episode a go and get back to me. And hey, if you’ve been watching the show all along, can we talk about the season one stuff? Because damn. Damn.

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