1. Day two of being 30 and I’m already exhausted. This is life now. Everything is crumbling. Tell Danica that I always loved her.
  2. But of course, it’s not as bad as all of that. Yesterday, we worked at the shop (because of course we did) and then Danica took me for eats at Canteen – one of our favourite places in the city. The food was brilliant as always (any place that can prepare lamb well for a reasonable price is aces in my book) and the company was dazzling so… all in all, a great birthday.
  3. As the store enters it’s fourth full month of being open, Danica and I are making another big change – we’re heading back into the city into a brand new apartment. We’re both really excited about this – and will be right back in the Oliver neighbourhood, right close to the store. It’s going to be so nice to do away with the hour long commute that we currently have going. It’s nice living out of the city, but the lack of free time has been taking it’s toll.
  4. Had a visit from my mom and sister on Saturday, and they brought with them six boxes of books and comics that I still had left at my mom’s place. We had been meaning to go back and clean them out for a while, so it was nice for them to arrive – though a little strange to get a box of memories delivered to you on your 30th birthday. I’m pretty excited to go through some of them and relive some memories from my youth.
  5. The month will be filled with writing. Have a new task app that seems to be pushing me forward in all the right directions, so hoping I can stick with that and keep things moving. With any luck, I’ll nab enough free time to talk about that this week – but I also want to write up roughly 6 retail posts for Comics Beat as well, so there’s that. Hopefully something will get done this week. We’ll see… we’ll see…
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