Season 001

Things are about to get a little crazy here.

I’m trying something new – though honestly, I’m always trying something new. I’m really into plans, but no so into seeing them through. I’m wondering if I can change that. Over the next 13 weeks, I’m working on a schedule. I’ve planned out my writing, worked ahead slightly, and (hopefully) built in some time for it to all fall apart. My biggest problem has been the fact that I always want to do too many things – and once the deadlines for those things start colliding with one another and compounding, I usually just wipe the slate clean and walk away. Again, there is a chance that this could happen again… but I really hope not. At 30, I want to be able to get my things done. I want to be able to write and feel that jolt of creativity when words start flowing onto the page. I want to chase that high that I get when I hit the post button, and see people react to the dumb things that I said.

Anyway, for the next little while, you should be seeing a lot of words from me. The schedule I’ve built will hopefully keep the workload down (I might talk a little about how I built the schedule after the “season” concludes… if I get there) and keep the content coming. The best laid plans…

Make sure to check back here periodically for updates on what’s happening, and other various shenanigans.

Stay tuned…

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