It’s December, so of course I’ve skipped over focusing on sticking the landing as 2015 rolls to a close, and am already looking forward to the new year. It should be an interesting one.

In 2014, Danica and I got engaged and got married. In 2015, we opened a comic store. In 2016, we’re going to be tackling something new once more. We’re still trying to shape exactly what we want to do, but we have a few goals in mind, and as soon as we can share some more information with you, it will appear here. For now, you’ll notice the site’s name has changed to Submet Industries, and old episodes of Doctor Whooch have slowly been appearing in the archives. These are portents, maybe. Or omens. But probably portents.

In the meantime, I have a few different relaxation projects that I want to try in 2016. I want to try and get a solid piece of fiction done. More specifically, I want to try and get the first story in a buddy detective series finally written up. I was thinking of making 2016 my year of no on the fly rewrites, which would mean forcing myself to get out a first draft in full before scraping the whole thing and working the bones again from the start. I spend a lot of time focusing on beginnings, rewriting and rewriting, never getting further than the first few pages. This is a metaphor for my life, he said, on his blog with several posts denoting unfulfilled plans for the future.

The only big project of mine that has really worked out has been Variant Edition – and honestly, that’s because I have some business partners who are helping with the whole “focus” thing. This will very much be the buzzword of 2016. Focus.

Beyond writing though, I’m looking forward to tackling something I’m calling The Douglas Adams Project. Which means I’ll finally get around to reading the rest of those Douglas Adams books that I’ve let sit unread for far too long. And hey, knowing me, if I can turn that into a series of blog posts, then it actually might happen.

And that’s it for today. December, you guys. It’s been a hell of a year. Let’s see how it ends.

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