The Curtain Rises

Hi there, everyone – and welcome to Submet Industries.

As you’ve all probably noticed, we’ve been counting down to today which means… something. If I’m being honest, we’re not entirely sure ourselves.

When I started Submetropolitan a few years back, it was intended to be a repository for all of the various things I was doing around the internet. As always with my projects, I would work on it intermittently and refocus every 3-8 months as personal deadlines would slip by faster and faster. Finally, near the end of 2015, Danica and I had a long and frank conversation about how we see the next phase of our life going.

We’d already made some monumental changes in the past few years – moving in together, getting engaged, getting married, quitting our jobs and opening a comic shop being amoung the bigger decisions – and we suddenly found ourselves in a pool of relative calm. It caused us to really look at what we’d done, and finally think about what it all meant. What were we doing? Why were we doing it? And where will we go from here?

This new version of Submetropolitan – now titled Submet Industries – is an exploration of those ideas. It’s a purposeful take on personal pop culture and motivation, with roots dug deep into the culturally rich city of Edmonton. It’s for us. It’s for you. It’s for… something. Or possibly nothing. Again, we’re honestly not entirely sure what this will look like in the end… but we hope you’ll come on this journey with us.

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