Don’t Trust Men

Don’t trust men, ladies. Especially not when it comes to finances. 

Men are the reason I’m sitting in a Ricki’s on a Friday afternoon, a little drunk, and completely lost at what my next move should be. 

I put my trust in men, and I’m paying for it now. Literally and figuratively. I’ve no idea what to do next, and I’m pretty sure I’d be somewhere better than where I am now if I had made different choices over a year ago. 

I put my faith in someone who, for some strange reason, took it upon himself to completely destroy me. 

And now I’m left with nothing. No money, no power, no future. 

Pretty sure this will hurt me too, but I can’t stay quiet anymore. I can’t keep pretending that everything is fine, and everything isn’t falling apart all around me. 

What more do you have for me, world? How much more can you take from me? 

– Danica

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