And he disappears for a while. Of course he does.

  1. A couple of weeks ago, I posted a piece on Archie Comics over at Comics Beat and the damn thing disappeared. There are reasons for this that I may or may not discuss later, but keep an eye out for a similar article to go up early next week.
  2. This weekend, I will be attending my sister’s wedding, and man, I’m already stressing. I’m not even a big part of the wedding. Or well… I think I’m supposed to play a piano song at some point and I’m definitely supposed to MC the supper. So there’s that. But as for planning? Not so much. Anyway, still a little stressed, as we have this wedding and another to attend before we head off on our vacation and time is… condensing? I think. It’s weird.
  3. I’ve set some impossible goals to hit in terms of content. I think it will help me focus on doing some things, if not all things, and help me keep on track. I mean, if I aim for the impossible, but can be pleased with what amounts to a decent amount of content, that’s still good, right? Right.
  4. I started Variant Edition last week, and I didn’t post about it here. There will be something more substantial about it tomorrow, mark my words. MARK THEM.

And I’m out. We’ll talk soon, I promise. Almost definitely. Probably. Maybe.

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