1. Trying this out on the iPad, with nothing more than the formatting options that the WordPress app has to offer. I’m pondering a bit of a chronicle of the upcoming vacation, and figured ease would be the key. Low formatting, high content, blah blah blah. Consider this a test.

2. We’ve arrived back home after my sister’s wedding, and while there are definitely stories, they’ll probably happen later or not at all. I was the MC at the reception, and that was a bit of a task, but the whole day went relatively well, and my sister looked happy and wonderful, and that’s really all I could ask. Her husband is a great guy, and I’m glad to have him and his son (and my nephew) be a part of the family.

3. Speaking of weddings, no writing was accomplished this weekend. Oh and also, Danica and I will be attending another wedding this coming weekend. And then it’s time for vacation! Aaaaand I’m still writing what I can for the lovely internet. Ah, the crazy times. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

4. Speaking of writing, I think I have a decent schedule happening for Variant Edition, one that I hope to maintain while we’re off on vacation. It won’t be anything I’m going to push too hard – the point of a vacation is to relax a bit – but hopefully, it should help get things moving a bit smoother in that regard.

5. This week at Comics Beat: an article about using the power of comics retail responsibly, and that Archie piece, again, probably.

More to come…

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