Wait, “ides” are a bad thing, aren’t they? I probably shouldn’t have brought “ides” into this. There are no “ides” here. Nor do I seem to have the ability to go back and delete things it seems.

Oh, the things I’ll do for a dumb opening paragraph.

  1. I’ve started to make a little schedule for myself, and have made a promise to bag out at least 250 words on nonsense on this blog every weekday. At least. I have the time (sort of) and I’m still trying to train myself to write on a regular schedule. It’s been almost 30 years, and nothing has seemed to take. Oh well. Let’s try this.
  2. Tomorrow, I’ll be announcing where Variant Edition will be located. Many have asked, but few properly know. One person got fairly irate about not knowing, and uh… sorry about that, but the lease hadn’t been signed. You understand, right? (You don’t understand, I know, but also, I uh… don’t care. So.) Anyway, tomorrow, if you don’t keep up with any of the Variant Edition feeds I run, I’ll be dropping that information here, because marketing.
  3. This past week, Danica and I posted the first part of Doctor Whooch’s 50th Episode, which is crazy for several reasons. First: we’ve done fifty episodes of this, and second? We invited everyone who had been on the show before to go on. It’s a beautiful mess that had to be pulled apart into two episodes. It’s… it’s pretty wonderful.

And that’ll be the that for today. If you want to find me, I’ll probably be screaming nonsense on the internet all day long, so catch me there. Maybe tomorrow I’ll put together something better. Probably not.

Anna Confidence

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