I think every blog ever stops posting with the promise of more posts. I think by virtue of the fact that I do that quite regularly here, that will be the case. But until then.


  • Variant Edition is coming along quite nicely. We announced last week that we would be located at 10441 – 123rd St here in Edmonton. What everyone doesn’t know, is when we plan on opening. Whelp, the answer is “not as soon as you’d like” and “sooner than you think”, depending on what you’re thinking. I don’t think anyone has really guessed at what we’re aiming for, but even if they did, I couldn’t confirm it anyway. So.
  • Now that a few more things are in place, I have more time to devote to getting more retailer articles out – so coming up soon, you’re going to get an earful on just what it’s taken to set up the store, and my take on Marvel and DC both going through relaunches of a sort in the next few weeks.
  • What else. Uh… we binged through the first season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt this weekend, and that was something else. It has that 30 Rock insanity, but with more of a heart, I think. The core of the show basically tells you that you should be proud of who you are, not who anyone else wants you to be. It’s pretty great.
  • The internet announced a new dude Ghostbusters movie and hey, I think that’s pretty dumb. Guaranteed, someone got scared and greenlit this to “balance” things out. Because you guys, where are all the movies with male leads. Have the ladies Tak3n them all away? What will the Hemsworths DO.

And that’s Tuesday. Tomorrow, Brandon Fights City Hall, and I may or may not tell you about it. Productive!

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