Turns out, setting up your own business is hard. Luckily, once we have it set up, we already have a working knowledge of the hows and whys of it all. Variant Edition will be coming soon, announcements will be made, and all will rejoice. Or I guess some. I dunno. Do you like comics? I sure do.

Current status: trying to spin all the plates, focusing on the ones that would be ruinous if they fell. Things keep falling over all around, but at least they’re things like “writing stuff”, which can always be done later, in lieu of “maybe we should talk to the bank about hmm and blah“. Those are technical bank terms. Look it up.

Coming up: I already have my next Retailer’s View done and ready to go. It vents out a few frustrations with the process of setting up, but I think it winds up being hopeful.

Otherwise: things are continuing for the store, and we’re on track for a couple of really big announcements soon. Man, I can’t wait until I can just order comics like I used to.

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