This week, I’m back on the Taasky train.

Taasky is one of the many task organizers that you can get on the iPhones and whatnot, and if I’m being honest, I can’t quite tell you why I like it more than some of the others. It probably comes down to the fact that it does enough of the things that I like to make it worthwhile to use. I’m often spending half of my free-time organizing what I might do with my free time. Plugging that into Taasky means later, when I’ve forgotten about all the things I planned and decide to make another list, they’re all there. More than that, you can categorize them and work on specific tasks. When I was still working at Wizard’s Comics, I would click on the button that would just give me tasks for the store, and anytime I forgot what I was going to do, I’d take a quick look, and get right back to working on the projects I had made for myself.

After I stopped working at the store, I stopped using Taasky because… well, time went all wobbly on me. Suddenly there was a lot of it, and somehow, also, not nearly enough. I started gathering wool to get my own shop started, and built out a weird structure for getting those things done, but… unfortunately, there was a lot of “hurry up and waiting” involved. I let my task accomplishing skills languish as I met with the unfamiliar. Now? Well, clearly I’m back on the wagon, and two features are helping me stick with it. The first, is the fact that you can mess with the settings so that your Taasky button will tell you how many tasks you have to do for the day in one of those red notification circles – so if you’ve forgotten about something, and grab your phone to screw around for a bit, you get a bright reminder of things that need to be accomplished.

Beyond that, there’s a premium setting (that costs a whole 99 cents, I think) that gives you stats on how much you’re accomplishing – how many things you get done in a day, a week or a month, and from what categories. I like it because it taps into that part of our brain that likes accomplishments – like hitting a new level on a game, and pushing to do a bit better. See my productivity (or lack thereof) measured out allows me to set certain goals in my head, which usually involve doing something each day, instead of seeing the line graph drop to zero for whatever reason. Anyway, great app with a great look. Give it a glance if you’re looking to try something like this out.

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