September 27th.

Four years ago, on September 27th, I was working. Or I was at home, depending on the time of day. Regardless, I was existing and not doing much more than that. A few weeks before, I had resigned myself to being alone. At the time, it wasn’t a resignation, but a decision – a conscious choice that kept me from feeling so lonely. And it worked. I was… content. I had a decent life. Good job, good friends, nice place to live… it was good.

Then came October 1st. On October 1st, I was invited to my buddy James’ house to watch that year’s Doctor Who finalĂ© (the end of the sixth series). I went, dressed as the 11th Doctor as a bit of a laugh.

About an hour or so after my arrival (I had gotten there fairly early, I believe), this woman walks through the door. This… instantly charming and beguiling woman. I stop dead from across the room when I see her. She’s taking off her shoes. I yell a greeting (probably too loudly) and she turns her head and… I see her hesitate slightly, and smile. She returns my greeting, quieter.

We often recount this moment. It seems like something out of movies – eyes meeting across a crowded room, and your heart skips a beat. It almost doesn’t seem real, but… it happened. Wow, did it happen.

I spent the night trying to cooly talk with this woman. I may have been (absolutely was) tipsy and so I definitely stumbled a bit. I remember thinking once if she was laughing with me, or at me. There was always a warmth to our interactions, and in hindsight, I know my brain was playing cruel tricks on me, second guessing smiles, and looks. This beauty of a woman. Surely, she couldn’t be interested in me?

After the party concluded, I drove her home. As I attempted to muster the courage to ask her out on a date, she very cooly and confidently beat me to the punch. I immediately agreed to the standard “we should meet for coffee or something”. After driving home, I knew leaving it so nebulous would drive me crazy – so I messaged her immediately, and somewhat excitedly, to say that I was completely incapable of playing it cool, and that we should absolutely meet as soon as possible. Thankfully, she felt the same way.

And so began our story. Two nerds making our way through space and time together, trying to be cool, failing miserably, but doing it together in our own wonderful and dorky ways.

Four years ago today, Danica was out having a party with friends – beautiful. Confident. The woman of my dreams who I had yet to meet. Today, I am lucky enough to say that we will be spending the rest of our time together.

My lovely Danica. I love you so and I always will.

Happy birthday, love.

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