Today was a really great day, and a really hard day. There seems to be a lot of hard days lately. I’ve discovered that I’m not built for tedium, that I can’t function well without a structure.

When you work in a comic shop, the days meter out. Tuesday, you process shipment, Wednesday you sell like crazy. Thursday, you clean up and process, and do re-orders. Friday, you wrap up projects and – if you’re a store that runs them – you have a Magic: the Gathering tournament. The weekends, are yours. Or they were. Starting the comic shop means weekends are back on the schedule, but the weekend can still be yours, you just have to know how to work things right. A comic store can be a fun place if you allow it, and if you do the bulk of your work during the week, Saturday and Sunday can be days of relative rest. You get right back to things on Monday by doing your final order cut offs, and preparing for the days to come once more. On and on it goes.

Some people would find the routine strangling. I thrive on it. I know what my time looks like, know where I can slip things in and write or play or vegetate. Today was not that. Today was another day of chaos, punctuated by victories and a weird phone call. The good news? Things move ever closer to getting back into a store, and getting comics into the hands of people. I miss that more than any other part of the process. The connectivity. The shared experience.

Soon. Very, very soon.

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