Yeah, we’ve done 50 of these. Well… 51, sort of.

What you’re going to see below is the complete 50th episode of Doctor Whooch, in which we get all of our favourite guests back from the previous 49 episodes, and also James is there. It was fun, and super hard to edit. So there’s that.

Episode 50a: Shut Up, James

In which we celebrate 50 episodes of Doctor Whooch by drinking with a bunch of our friends!

It’s a two-part celebration of almost two years worth of drinking. Clearly we’ve been doing something right. Anyway, in the first part of our 50th episode, we have Katie, Jess and Lou from Boozy Boob Tube, along with Cody F. Schmidt and James Leask on the show to talk about the 50th Anniversary Special, “The Day of the Doctor”. Along the way, we talk about expensive man hair cuts, the shaming of the elderly, and a whole bunch of other things jumbled amidst drunken laughter. It was a fun time.

Outro music is “Ordinary Day” by Great Big Sea


Episode 50b: Love Act-Who-ly

In which things probably get more out of hand.

Our 50th episode continues with the addition of the wonderful Devin R. Bruce as everyone talks about their favourite episodes of Doctor Who. As always, the conversation rarely stays on track because… drunk. Smile as we all yell at James some more. Laugh as we make terrible jokes. Forgive the few odd cuts because having seven drunk people on a podcast at one time is REALLY HARD. And stay tuned as we start on our next 50. Thank you, everyone.

Outro music is “Scarecrow” by Beck


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